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Monday, 3 September 2001
Saw Mill River Parkway & Taconic State Parkway, Hawthorne
NY 9A, NY 100 & NY 141
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Orientation: The Saw Mill River Parkway runs from bottom left to top right, and the Taconic State Parkway from bottom right to top left. NY 9A enters on Saw Mill River Road at bottom left, continuing toward top left on the Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway. NY 100 enters at bottom on Bradhurst Avenue, curves left onto Brighton Avenue and then joins NY 9A on the Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway at an interchange just south of the Saw Mill River Parkway. NY 141 begins at this same interchange, then runs toward the right on Broadway to the central part of Hawthorne.

Exit numbers: Exit 26 from the Saw Mill River Parkway is for the Taconic State Parkway. Exits on the Taconic State Parkway are not numbered.

The interchange: There are really two main interchanges depicted here, along with two smaller partial interchanges. The most prominent interchange is that between the Saw Mill River and Taconic State Parkways. This is a sprawling, albeit incomplete, interchange that might be called a half-stack. It contains a three-level crossover at its center, whereas a full eight-ramp stack interchange would have four levels. The half-stack interchange provides only parallel connections (i.e., north to north and south to south) and not reverse connections (north to south and south to north), as usual for Westchester County parkway junctions (see also Thruway Exit 7A).

The other main interchange in the Hawthorne complex is that between NY 9A, NY 100 and NY 141. This is a trumpet interchange having lower design speeds than that found on a typical freeway. Just east of the interchange, NY 100 and NY 141 split apart at a grade-level Y-junction. The roadway connecting the legs of this wye, and serving traffic between points east and south, is also part of NY 100.

Other connections: From the southbound Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway, a single ramp connects to the southbound Saw Mill River Parkway. Also, there is a sort of half-diamond interchange between the Taconic State Parkway and NY 141. The southbound entrance branches from the junction of NY 100 and NY 141, and joins with the ramp from the Saw Mill River Parkway. The northbound exit ramp meets NY 141 by way of West Cross Street.

Sprain Brook Parkway & Taconic State Parkway
To the south of the above interchange, the Sprain Brook Parkway splits from the Taconic State Parkway. More precisely, the Taconic State Parkway becomes the Sprain Brook Parkway, while a spur of the Taconic State Parkway splits off to the southeast towards Valhalla. This interchange is a simple 2-way split with no reverse connections. The small traffic circle in the median of the Taconic State Parkway is not currently in use.

Taconic State Parkway,
Saw Mill River Parkway,
Sprain Brook Parkway and
Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway at Steve Anderson's

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