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Monday, 13 August 2001
New York State Thruway - Exits 18 to 20, New Paltz-Saugerties
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Exit 18

Orientation: The New York State Thruway (Interstate 87) runs bottom to top; NY 299 runs left to right. The cross road at upper left is Ulster CR 17.

Exit numbers: Exit 18 on the New York State Thruway is for NY 299, New Paltz.

The interchange: This is the standard design for Thruway interchanges involving two-lane cross highways, and is the most common type of interchange throughout the system as a whole. The "trumpet" configuration allows all ramps to be served by a single access road, on which the toll plaza is located. There may also be a truck parking area or maintenance facility on the connector, as seen here. Of note regarding the latter is that it makes use of a segment, one of several visible, of an old highway, the predecessor to NY 299 between New Paltz and Highland. This provides a connection for maintenance vehicles between the Thruway mainline and the access road.

Exit 19

Orientation: The Thruway mainline (Interstate 87) runs from left to top right. NY 28 runs from left, through the roundabout, to bottom on a divided highway. This latter is also Interstate 587. Washington Avenue (reference route 981K) runs from the roundabout at bottom left towards downtown Kingston.

Exit numbers: Exit 19 is for NY 28 to Kingston as well as for US 209 and the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. Interstate 587 does not appear on signs at this interchange.

The interchange: The usual "trumpet" connection leads in this instance to a roundabout serving NY 28, I-587 and Washington Avenue. This modern roundabout is a recent reconstruction of the older traffic circle, the remains of which are clear in this photo. The new roundabout features bypass ramps for most right-turn movements. Just to the west, NY 28 has a full cloverleaf interchange with the US 209 expressway. On the connector road to the Thruway is another maintenance facility, much larger than that at Exit 18.

Interstate 587: The photo at right shows the entirety of I-587. Also called Colonel Chandler Drive, this short Interstate serves both as a spur to Kingston from the Thruway and as a bypass for its congested central business district. I-587 overlaps NY 28 for its full length, and has no interchanges save for the Thruway connection itself.

Exit 20

Orientation: The Thruway runs from bottom to top. NY 212 runs left to right. NY 32 enters at right with NY 212 and exits at top left.

Exit numbers: Exit 20 is for NY 32 to Saugerties and NY 212 to Woodstock.

The interchange: This interchange is unique on the Thruway system for having more than one toll plaza. Instead of the standard "trumpet" interchange, there is a half-cloverleaf or "folded" diamond, with separate toll gates in each direction. All other Thruway interchanges within the ticket system have a single toll collection point.

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