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Monday, 4 December 2000
Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges, New York City
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Orientation: The Borough of Manhattan is at top and the Borough of Brooklyn at bottom, separated by the East River. Spanning the river are two great suspension bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge (left) and the Manhattan Bridge (right). The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278) curves through Brooklyn in an arc at bottom, while FDR Drive hugs the Manhattan riverside. The affluent Brooklyn Heights neighborhood is partially visible at bottom center, and Manhattan's Lower East Side, with its numerous slum-clearance housing projects, is at top right. Chinatown's crowded streets are at top center, and at left is that part of Lower Manhattan where city, state and federal government offices are concentrated.

Exit numbers: On I-278, Exit 28 is for Cadman Plaza West and the Brooklyn Bridge (eastbound, these are respectively exits 28A and 28B). Exit 29 is for Tillary Street and the Manhattan Bridge (eastbound, these are respectively exits 29B and 29A). Of the last, only the eastbound Exit 29A is visible here. On FDR Drive, exit 2 is for Pearl Street and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn connections
A separate page deals with the bridges' connections with I-278 and local streets in Brooklyn.

Manhattan connections
This page discusses the Brooklyn Bridge's connections with FDR Drive and Manhattan streets, and the Manhattan Bridge's connections at Chinatown.

Brooklyn Bridge and
Manhattan Bridge at Steve Anderson's
Also link to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and FDR Drive pages.

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