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Cattaraugus County marks its highways with the standard pentagon shield, shown above. There is no overall numbering pattern, although highway numbers below 32 progress roughly in a counterclockwise direction through the County, beginning at the southwestern corner.

The county routes consist mostly of long-distance through roads, often following circuitous paths. The majority of roadways in Cattaraugus County is administered by the Towns.

For more specific information on county highways and other roads in Cattaraugus County, visit this page by Jason L. Bennett.

Italicized routes are obsolete designations. In the "Towns" column, Villages are also shown. No county route enters the Cities of Salamanca or Olean, nor the Allegany and Oil Spring Indian Reservations, and very few enter any Village.

2 Cottage Road
Edwards Corners Road
South Dayton vill. line NY 39, W of Perrysburg Dayton, Perrysburg
4 Broadway NY 353, Snyders Corners Beech Street & Hill Street, Gowanda Persia, Gowanda
5 Mosher Hollow Road
New Albion Road
NY 353, Judd Corners (2-leg jct.) NY 353, W of Little Valley Dayton, Leon, New Albion, Mansfield, Little Valley
6 Cherry Creek-Leon Road
Leon Road
Chautauqua Co. line NY 353, S of Cattaraugus Leon, New Albion Continues as Chautauqua CR 70/CH 313
7 Elm Creek Road
Pigeon Valley Road
East Randolph vill. line CR 5, Champlain Corners Conewango, Napoli, New Albion
8 Bowen Road Chautauqua Co. line Randolph vill. line Randolph Continues as Chautauqua CR 42/CH 325
9 Blood Road Randolph vill. line NY 394, Price Corners Randolph, Cold Spring
10 Farm Market Road NY 394 & SR 951T, Steamburg CR 6, S of New Albion Cold Spring, Napoli, New Albion
11 North Otto Road CR 12, Otto CR 56 Otto
12 East Otto Road
Edies Road
NY 353, Cattaraugus Erie Co. line Cattaraugus, New Albion, Otto, East Otto, Ashford Also includes Spring Street, East Otto
Overlaps US 219, c. 2 mi.
Continues as Erie CR 82
13 Maple Road CR 12, E of Otto Ellicottville vill. line Otto, East Otto, Mansfield, Ellicottville
14 Toad Hollow Road
Reed Hill Road
Little Valley vill. line CR 12 & CR 75, East Otto Little Valley, Mansfield, East Otto Also includes a short spur to NY 353, N of Little Valley
15 Dublin Road NY 242, E of Little Valley NY 242, W of Ellicottville Little Valley, Mansfield
16 Rosick Hill Road
Felton Hill Road
NY 240/CR 32, S of West Valley NY 16, CR 20 & CR 62, Machias Ashford, Machias
17 Bakerstand Road NY 242, Bakerstand Franklinville vill. line Machias, Franklinville
18 Humphrey Road
Coal Chutes Road
US 219 & NY 98, Great Valley NY 16, S of Franklinville Great Valley, Humphrey, Franklinville
19 Five Mile Road CR 60, S of Allegany NY 16 Allegany, Humphrey, Hinsdale, Ischua, Franklinville Excludes portion within village of Allegany
20 McKinstry Road NY 16, CR 16 & CR 62, Machias Delevan vill. line Machias, Yorkshire
21 Elton Road Delevan vill. line NY 98, Farmersville Station Yorkshire, Freedom, Farmersville
22 Maple Grove Road CR 21 NY 98, Sandusky Freedom
23 Freedom Road NY 98, W of Freedom Allegany Co. line Freedom Continues as Allegany CR 3
24 Abbott Road Franklinville vill. line Allegany Co. line Franklinville, Lyndon, Ischua Continues as Allegany CR 7C
25 Rawson Road Allegany Co. line Allegany Co. line Lyndon Continues S as Allegany CR 7, N as Allegany CR 7A
26 Main Street
Flanigan Street
Gile Hollow Road
Maple Hill Road
Dutch Hill Road or
Rogers Road
NY 16, S of Hinsdale CR 19, Humphrey town line Hinsdale, Ischua line
27 Haskell Road NY 417, Westons Mills Allegany Co. line, S of Haskell Flats Portville, Hinsdale Continues as Allegany CR 6
29 Barnum Road Pennsylvania state line, Barnum NY 16, S of Olean Olean Continues as PA SR 1011
30 Chipmunk Road Allegany town line South Nine Mile Road, South Vandalia Carrollton Also includes South Nine Mile Road, outside of Allegany Indian Reservation
31 Parkside Drive Pennsylvania state line Limestone vill. line Carrollton
32 West Valley Road NY 242, Ashford Junction Erie Co. line Ellicottville, Ashford Entire length overlaps NY 240
Also includes Depot Street, West Valley
Continues as Erie CR 198
33 Bone Run Road Chautauqua Co. line SR 950A South Valley Continues as Chautauqua CR 36/CH 318
35 Meyers Corners Road
Earl Hill Road
US 62, Meyers Corners CR 5, East Leon Leon, Dayton
36 Lake Street
Lime Lake Road
NY 16, Lime Lake (2-leg jct.) CR 21, Elton Machias, Yorkshire, Freedom
37 Machias Junction Road NY 16 & NY 242, W of Machias Junction CR 70, E of Machias Machias
38 Mutton Hollow Road Becomes town road, c. 0.75 mi. W of Partridge Hill Road US 219, Great Valley Great Valley
39 CR 10 NY 394, E of East Randolph Cold Spring
40 Seager Hill Road
Axeville Road
NY 241, Conewango CR 7 Conewango
42 Versailles Plank Road Chautauqua Co. line Erie Co. line, Versailles Perrysburg Continues as Chautauqua CR 88/CH 114
44 West Road
Flat Iron Road
US 62, E of Conewango Valley US 62, S of Leon Conewango, Leon
45 Duke Center Road Pennsylvania state line NY 16, Knapp Creek Allegany Continues as PA 546
46 Hardy Road
Rawson Road
Franklinville vill. line Allegany Co. line Franklinville, Farmersville, Rushford line, New Hudson line, Lyndon Continues as Allegany CR 7A
47 Lyndon Center Road CR 24 Allegany Co. line Lyndon Continues a short distance to Allegany CR 7A
48 Martins Corner Road NY 16, Ischua CR 24 & CR 63 Ischua, Lyndon
49 NY 417/BUS US 219, Kill Buck US 219, N of Salamanca Great Valley
50 Cuba Lake Road
North Cuba Lake Road
NY 446 Allegany Co. line Ischua Excludes portion within Oil Spring Indian Reservation
Continues as Allegany CR 7D
51 Chapel Hill Road CR 19 CR 18, Humphrey Allegany, Humphrey
53 Ashford Hollow Road US 219, S of Ashford Hollow NY 240/CR 32, West Valley Ashford
54 Church Road NY 16, S of Yorkshire NY 39, Yorkshire Yorkshire Old NY 16
55 Gooseneck Road NY 240/CR 32, Riceville CR 20 Ashford, Yokshire
56 Forty Road Dake Hill Road CR 11 Otto
57 Markham Road NY 353, Wesley CR 2, E of Cottage Dayton
58 North Road US 62, N of Markham CR 42, Versailles Dayton, Perrysburg, Perrysburg Excludes portion from NY 39 to Perrysburg north vill. line
Part is old NY 353
59 Johnson Hollow Road NY 16 Oil Spring Indian Reservation line Ischua
60 Nine Mile Road
West River Road
Allegany Indian Reservation line, Vandalia Olean city line Allegany, Olean
61 Four Mile Road Knapp Creek Road CR 60, S of Allegany Allegany
62 NY 242, S of Machias NY 16, CR 16 & CR 20, Machias Machias
63 East Hill Road NY 16, S of Franklinville CR 24 & CR 48 Franklinville, Lyndon
64 Bush Road Chautauqua CR 67/CH 602, S of Clear Creek US 62, Clear Creek Conewango, Ellington lines Also Chautauqua CR 67/CH 602A
65 Fish Hatchery Road Randolph vill. line NY 394, E of Randolph Randolph, Cold Spring
67 Peth Road US 219, Peth CR 18, S of Great Valley Great Valley
68 Swamp Road CR 11 CR 12, W of East Otto Otto, East Otto
69 Cadiz Road CR 18 CR 17, W of Franklinville Franklinville
70 Hazelmere Avenue
Potter Road
NY 16, Machias CR 36, Lime Lake Machias
71 Sugartown Road Ellicottville vill. line NY 98, Sugartown Ellicottville, Great Valley
72 Savage Road
West Road
Erie Co. line NY 16 & NY 39, Yorkshire Yorkshire Continues as Erie CR 225
73 Bixby Hill Road
California Road
CR 21, Elton Delevan vill. line Freedom, Yorkshire
74 Gile Hollow Road CR 19 CR 26, N of Hinsdale Ischua, Hinsdale
75 Rohr Road
Rohr Hill Road
Plato Road
Beaver Meadows Road
CR 12 & CR 13, East Otto NY 240/CR 32 East Otto, Ellicottville
76 Lovers Lane Road NY 353, S of Cattaraugus CR 12, E of Cattaraugus New Albion
77 Henrietta Road US 219 & CR 85 Scoby Road Ashford
78 West Perrysburg Road NY 39 CR 42 Perrysburg
79 Wolf Run Road CR 27 Allegany Co. line Portville
80 Laidlaw Road NY 98, N of Franklinville CR 21 Farmersville
81 Hatch Hill Road or
Airport Road
Yanke Road
NY 16, S of Ischua CR 48, Ischua Ischua
83 Back Olean Road CR 19, N of Allegany Olean city line Allegany, Olean
84 Aldrich Street NY 39, Gowanda Erie Co. line, Gowanda Gowanda Continues as Erie CR 503
85 Rock Springs Road
Schwartz Road
CR 53, S of Ashford Hollow US 219 & CR 77 Ashford
86-1 Thornwood Drive NY 240/CR 32, West Valley CR 85 Ashford
86-2 Buttermilk Road Dead end NY 240/CR 32, Riceville Ashford
87 Yanke Road CR 81, E of Ischua CR 24, Abbott Ischua
88 Baker Road NY 353, S of Little Valley NY 242, E of Little Valley Little Valley
89 Sawmill Run Road Chautauqua Co. line SR 950A South Valley Continues as Chautauqua CR 34/CH 336
90 Bixby Hill Road CR 73 Wyoming Co. line Freedom Continues as Wyoming CR 59
92 Dugan Road
Windfall Road
NY 417, E of Olean Olean city line Olean
93 Farwell Road Becomes town road, c. 0.8 mi. W of NY 16 NY 16 Ischua
94 North State Street Salamanca city line NY 353, N of Salamanca Salamanca
95 NY 243, E of Farmersville Station Freedom town line Farmersville Entire length overlaps NY 98
96 NY 353, S of Little Valley NY 242, E of Little Valley Little Valley

SOURCES: Cattaraugus County official highway map (The National Survey-1995), Map Works Western Region map (1990), Jason L. Bennett's listing, NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

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